Welcome to the Different Journeys Peer Support and Social Group. Different Journeys peer support approach builds communities and empowers people. Our evidence-based programs respond to local need. we listen, we engage and we involve our autistic community and their carers and families in the design and delivery of everything we do.

As part of our registration and membership, we ask you to please fill out the following form requesting your personal information and your consent. By submitting this form, you will become a valued member of our community. We will add your email address to our database and our private Facebook page and will keep you updated with upcoming events and information.

If you have any questions, please email differentjourneys@gmail.com or call 0490 774 068.

This form is private and confidential and will not be shared, with the exception mentioned below: Consent to share information We request you consent to record your information on our client database. We are committed to protecting your privacy and your record. The privacy of your information is protected by law. We will hold your information in the strictest of confidence and store it securely. Your informed consent for the sharing of information is sought and respected in all situations unless: * We are obliged by law to disclose your information even if you do not give consent; * It is unsafe or impossible to gain consent or consent has been refused; AND * Without information being shared, it is anticipate a child, young person or adult will be at risk of serious harm, abuse or neglect, or pose a risk to their own public health and safety.
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