A warm welcome and hello from the DJs team!

Different Journeys is excited to be working closely with BAAG to ensure that an autism-specific service is offered to all members in Bendigo – past, current and future. Although these changes mean there will be a different face for autism support in Bendigo, we want to assure you the same aims and goals remain. Leah from BAAG will continue to be involved with autism social events and the support and safe spaces will always remain. Different Journeys will continue to offer 1:1 peer support for carers to connect in with services and teen autism peer support events will keep running plus many more events to come. We understand that change can be tricky, but rest assured we are here to help create the best community possible. 
To connect in or find support please head on over to our Facebook page at Different Journeys. A list of upcoming events can be located in our events tab. We look forward to hearing from you!