An Autistic peer support group where we support celebrations, provide
connections and create communities.

Our Events

Our events are created by the Autism community for the Autism community 

Our events are created by those with lived experience and our Community are continually being consulted.

Autistic Teen Peer Support

This is where Autistic teens and their families come together in safe and supported setting. We invite teens to sit with other teens whilst parents/carers can have the opportunity to sit together but there are no hard and fast rules. It is all about meeting individual needs. We invite all persons that support our Autistic teens as they are welcome to attend. We want to set our teens up for success. Everyone is supported from when they step through the door. Friendships, connections and opportunities to grow are found for those on similar journeys. We supply a range of lego, board games, including an online Kahoot trivia and free wifi. There is an admin fee to attend the event. Additional costs will include any purchases at the event. Different Journeys requires the teen is supported on the night by a familiar adult person.

Autistic Adult Event

This is where Autistic adults come together in a safe and supported setting. Parents/carers and support workers are welcome to attend the event as well. It can be a lonely journey for those carers with Autistic adults. Different Journeys encourages this cohort to attend and support them to make connections. Autistic adults are able to play board games available on the night, participate in online Kahoot trivia quiz and have free wifi. There is an admin fee to attend the event. Additional costs will include any purchases at the event. 

Autistic Family Swim Night

The swim centres open exclusively for the autism community. These open events provide a safe environment for all to come, have fun, connect with others and a bit of exercise. This is open to all ages. We meet at the swim centre, spend approximately 1 hour in the pool and then come together over a BBQ dinner.

Currently events are held in Yarra Ranges and Knox. We are open to offering more events in other locations, please contact us.

Education Evenings

The focus of education evenings is to educate, extend connections and information sharing.  We try and target topics not readily accessible.  We aim to provide topics not found elsewhere.  We encourage this to be done in an inclusive, supported social setting over a meal whilst listen to presenter and connecting with those in similar journeys.

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Different Journeys recognises and embraces the richness, strengths and opportunities that diversity brings and encourages and respects a diverse range of individuals and views.

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The primary aim of the Peer Support Program for Carers is to empower carers of
Autistic individuals to have more choice and control over supports and services both for themselves and the person they care for.

Carers innately trust carers, those people who have walked a path similar to their
own. At Different Journeys we use a peer support approach to walk alongside carers to enable them to navigate a complicated support system, empower them to take up opportunities and engage with other carer families in similar situations.

Unfortunately, many carers of Autistic people lack the confidence, emotional strength or time to identify and access carer supports and services.
A secondary aim of this Program is to follow up with carers to help link them into
existing supports and services. This person-centred approach provides warm
handovers and helps carers constructively express their needs.
This project is limited to our scope of funding.