An Autistic peer support group where we support celebrations, provide
connections and create communities.

Our supporters

We are grateful to Interchange Outer East for helping support us as we started and as we continue our journey in the future.  

Different Journeys prides itself on connecting in with others to support our Autistic community. No one person can do it alone. Our strong motto is “what can we do together that we can’t do apart.” There is much support and goodwill in the community and we are grateful to our supporters. Many of our supporters do not provide any financial support or rather provide a strong commitment to the same values and ethos as Different Journeys. 

“With great supports, imagine the world that is possible for our Autistic community – together we can create opportunities, acceptance and inclusion “ (Mel Spencer, co-founder Different Journeys – all basic wants and needs that are spelled out in the human rights charter.)

Amaze is a huge fan of Different Journeys and often refer callers to our autism information service to its wonderful events. The teen and young adult dinners are fantastic events providing Autism friendly social occasions where young autistic people get together for social connection where they often form lasting friendships. Mel and Merrin who run Different Journeys are both power houses of support for these autistic young people and their families.

myAbility is an Allied Health Practice that specialises in adult Occupational Therapy. Our services focus on assessment and interventions related to independent living skills for people to realise their potential.

myAbility recognises the abilities of all persons and shares a joint passion and understanding for empowering people in the Autistic community to live happy, fulfilling lives. myAbility strives to empower individuals to engage in desired occupations irrespective of barriers which exist in society. We respect the work Different Journeys performs and are proud to partner with them.

The Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre (OTARC) is Australia’s first centre dedicated to autism research, with a mission to expand knowledge to enrich the lives of Autistic people and their families.
We support Different Journeys because their work in connecting young people and their families has immediate impact in creating a world where people living with Autism thrive.

HR Dept Ringwood provides practical and simple outsourced HR support to help business owners achieve their dreams and stay on the right side of employment law.
We support Different Journeys so they’re at their best to support the people who need it most in the community.

We help people protect their brands and intellectual property.
Mel‘s leadership, passion, belief and commitment to Different Journeys is very attractive to partners like us as we watch the organisation transform from an inspiring movement into an enduring, life changing legacy.

My mission is to capture the spark and personality of special needs kids via photography.

Different Journeys is such a great opportunity for young people on the spectrum to connect, meet like minded people and make new friends and Different Journeys facilitate this so well!

I run a private speech pathology practise which specialises in working with Autistic teens and adults and with people of all ages who have complex communication needs. I work with Different Journeys because its extremely important that Autistic teens have opportunities for meaningful social connections in a way that promotes and celebrates neurodiversity.

Different Journeys is the perfect complement to I CAN Network’s programs. These dinners serve as the barometer on our inclusion of Autistic people in the community: they both unearth Autistic teenagers and young adults and they grow them.

Mullum Rd Clinic offers support to clients through Psychological services and Occupational Therapy. Many of the psychologists and Occupational Therapists use Animal Assisted Therapy as a modality to engage and work with individuals. 

Mullum Road Clinic Psychologists work largely with individuals on the Autism Spectrum and feel honoured to be a part of the Different Journeys Community. 

Different Journeys shows what a group of caring and dedicated people can do together. What started in February 2016 as a small dinner for several families with children on the autism spectrum aiming to build social connections, has now become a popular social event on the Autism calendar with over 160 participants from different suburbs within Melbourne.

This group has opened doors, not only for the families who attend, but also giving an opportunity to organisations to hear firsthand how they can assist people on the Autism spectrum.

By supporting and empowering our community this is what can be achieved. Well done Different Journeys!

Global Leadership Foundation raises the emotional health of the planet through a focus on developing leaders, their teams and organisations. 

We support Different Journeys and partner with them to build emotional health, resilience and adaptability with their communities.

Greensborough RSL offers great value, family friendly dining and entertainment and assist veterans and their families when in need

Greensborough RSL loves to work with Different Journeys in offering teenagers, adults and families a safe and comfortable space and to connect with other people in the community.

We are very proud to be associated with Different Journeys and to have supported some of the great work they do.

We are a boutique consulting firm specialising in strategic facilitation, board and team development, service review and project management consultancy.

Like Different Journeys I’m passionate about celebrating diversity and facilitating inclusion. It is a joy and privilege to be involved.   


We are a digital marketing agency that helps connect business and organisations to their target demographic whilst boosting their online presence and improving their digital footprint to help business growth.

We have loved every second of our journey with Different Journeys, helping spread their message of Autism awareness and connecting this amazing support service to the Autisim community and carers.

Beyond the book provide occupational therapy to empower our clients and their families in understanding their own abilties and further developing their skills to enable them to reach their full potential with managing daily activities.

Kellie has a special interest in autism and continues to support and work with Different Journeys as she too can see the change and impact that Different Journeys is creating within their events.

We identify talented neurodiverse individuals for extraordinary opportunities to apply their passion to work. We also run a range of programs including the ‘Be Your Best’ Life Skills project (designed and written by neurodiverse people for their peers), a recruitment centre to connect Autistic talent with meaningful roles, and support for workplaces to make their organization neurodiverse-friendly. All these programs are ones which we feel nicely accompany the amazing events Different Journey runs for the Autistic community.

We provide social meetups for Autistic adults 17+. We support Different Journeys because we believe they complement what we do and the more help and support we can give the Autistic population, the better.

Access Keys are customised accessibility guides that have information to help you prepare to visit a venue, attraction or event. We provide a range of helpful and predictive information and include colour photographs, supportive text, maps, visual communication boards as well as sensory guides that outline the sensory elements you might experience at a venue.

AAA’s commitment to improving inclusive practices, community attitudes towards people with disability and organisational culture make this a fantastic example of what can happen when two organisations share a common goal.

AAA is an intervention idea founded on the experience of the two founders, Maxine Parker and Judy O’Connor.

With over 30 years of combined experience working in the disability, education and community sectors, Maxine and Judy have a wealth of professional and lived experience of disability. Maxine has a hearing impairment and Judy is the parent of a child with disability.

4Tk is delighted to partner with Different Journeys. 4Tk aims to care for disadvantaged and at-risk youth. By providing a fit for purpose premises we offer a facility that can be used by established groups to deliver their programs. This space is ideal for Different Journeys as it has 9 rooms available, enabling flexibility which is a huge advantage given the specific needs of their clientele. 

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Want to help support us? We would love for you to join our incredible community! Get in contact and find out how you can lend a helping hand.


Different Journeys recognises and embraces the richness, strengths and opportunities that diversity brings and encourages and respects a diverse range of individuals and views.

Different Journeys acknowledge that we live, work, and meet together on the lands of the Kulin nation. We acknowledge the continuing connection to this land that members of the Kulin nation have, and we thank them for caring for the land and waters since time immemorial. We acknowledge Elders past and present. We recognise and respect that sovereignty was never ceded, and a treaty has yet to be signed. Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.

Different Journeys collects personal information where it is reasonably necessary for, or directly related to, one or more of its functions or activities. Different Journeys handles personal information in accordance with the obligations in the Privacy Act 1988.

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