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Supporting celebrations, providing connections, creating communities

Different Journeys specialises in bringing autistic teens, adults, their families and carers together to support each other in safe, supportive and affordable environments. We enable them to share the journey, connect and create positive peer support communities. We aim to create a stepped care approach that meets the needs of our community where they are at.

Our peer support social events enable individuals to build transferrable skills, like communication skills, social skills, ability to maintain more meaningful relationships and skills to access the community. There are lots of ‘hidden rules’ when going out socially in public. At Different Journeys, we empower our autistic community to expand their skills and knowledge by creating real events in safe and supported environments. The Different Journeys holistic wraparound approach supports carers to build their networks, learn different approaches and navigate the maze of available supports and services.

We run events for the autistic community, by the autistic community

Different Journeys adopts a strengths-based approach to each individual and family as we recognise each and every journey with autism is different. No two journeys are the same because no one individual is the same.

“If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.” “The potential of autistic people is unlimited – just like with everyone else.”

Professor Stephen Shore, Adelphi University, New York

We believe diversity drives innovation and are building a culture where difference is valued. We welcome people of all races, ethnicities, ages, religions, abilities, genders and sexual orientations and believe their unique perspectives make Different Journeys a better organisation.

We are striving to build an inclusive culture that encourages, supports, reflects and celebrates the diverse voices of the Different Journeys team and the autism community we serve. The Different Journeys team is expanding and we offer flexible employment conditions which support carers to work, study and care.


Different Journeys can come to you. We want to work with everyone to make the world a better and more accessible place. We are not about telling you what autism is, but rather how to support our autistic community in social and workplace settings.

We can talk about our own lived experiences, what worked and what didn’t.

Carers in the workplace

Flexible employment is a term we frequently refer to. We work with carers, autistic individuals and employers to explore what flexible employment practices actually mean. At Different Journeys we employ carers and strive to have a flexible workplacer which empowers our employees to be the best they can be. We are modelling different ways to meet the needs of our families that are outside the traditional remit of working hours.

The Different Journeys team is experienced at conducting environmental scans of places to help make them more neuro accessible for the autistic community.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss further.

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