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Finding my queer community is great, finding my neurodivergent community is also great. But the intersection of queer neurodivergent people is really validating and affirming.

Event Attendee

I found that the social contact was great for me as it had been a long, lonely road trying to give my grandson every opportunity and having to do it alone. However, Different Journeys provided me with contacts, not only written, but more importantly face to face chats at the monthly dinners with organisations who could directly assist.

Carer Quote

It’s like you are the star on the Christmas tree – you are the top of the family or tree. If you’re not working, nothing else works. In a carer’s role – that’s the hardest thing. It’s a balance. You need to recognise that you are a carer and you do need support and you need to get support to be able to help other people.

Event Attendee

Different Journeys events have allowed us to get out of the house as a family once a month, it’s a safe place where we have met other families and made friends that we connect with socially outside of DJ. We have also discovered some great information and support that has hugely helped us to reduce our isolation as a family when parenting an autistic teen.

Event Attendee

The opportunity for my daughter to socialise in a safe and understanding setting has been most beneficial. As a parent, the opportunity to talk with other parents has been enlightening - I found that my situation is very similar to others and it has been helpful to swap ideas and experiences.

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Everyone needs to find their tribe, other people who speak the same language and just 'get' each other. For young people living with autism attending the Different Journey's dinner gives the opportunity to meet other members of their tribe

Event Attendee

Different Journeys is something we, as parents, have been looking for our son to attend for a very long time. To see him feel comfortable, accepted, included and valued, is everything. He looks forward to DJs events every month to catch up with his mates.

Event Attendee

Different Journeys events provided a much needed social outlet for my grandson. They offered him opportunities to grow in confidence, make contacts for his music, and even gave him an opportunity to perform..

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