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Autistic Teen Peer Support Events

This is where autistic teens and their families come together in safe and supported setting. We invite teens to sit with other teens while parents/carers can have the opportunity to sit together, but there are no hard and fast rules. It is all about meeting individual needs. All people supporting an autistic teen are welcome to attend the event. We want to set our teens up for success. Everyone is supported from when they step through the door. Friendships, connections and opportunities to grow are found for those on similar journeys. We provide a range of activities including Lego, board games and online Kahoot trivia. Free WiFi is also available to all who attend. There is a small fee to attend the event. Additional costs will include any purchases at the event. Different Journeys requires the teen to be supported throughout the event by a familiar adult person as we are not funded to provide one to one support.

Our events are designed by, with, and for autistic young people. They are purposefully planned to address the isolation that many autistic and neurodiverse young people experience. They are purposefully designed to build confidence and develop independence. This facilitates the development of an array of skills including leadership, communication, interpersonal and teamwork capabilities. 

With the guidance of our mentors and supporters, young people work together to plan our celebration events and projects. This builds friendships, life skills and job readiness, everyone wins. It also saves lives amongst a vulnerable cohort of our shared community.

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