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How can we help those we are supporting if we don’t get help ourselves particularly when things become complex or overwhelming? Many carers are simply not aware of the support and services that are available to them in the community. Many others feel unworthy or unable to access the supports they need.

Different Journeys is funded to support carers of autistic individuals. We create non-judgemental spaces through events for carers of all ages to link with other carers in similar circumstances. We replace isolation and judgement with a supportive community.

Drop-in Carer Events - No Booking Needed

Different Journeys carers cuppas allow unpaid carers to get together in a safe, supportive environment. The events are led by fellow carers with lived experience and enable participants to learn how to access new supports and resources for themselves and the person(s) they care for. We also deliver capacity building support to build carer’s ability to participate in community areas including employment, health services and community activities.   

We create ways for carers and families to connect, empower and support each other to break down barriers and increase inclusion.

Frequently Asked Carers Cuppa Questions

No, there is no booking available for these events. To attend one of these events all you have to do is show up at the date and time listed on the flyer.

The flyers above have the listed dates and times but as some events rotate fortnightly, it's best to check our social media accounts or send us a message to find the exact event date. 

At every Carers Cuppa there will be a group of other carers and Different Journeys team members sitting at a table in that venue. Look for the Different Journeys logo and banners (or listen for the laughs) and introduce yourself - we can't wait to see you!

Some events are free, some are a gold coin donation. Usually the only costs involved are a cuppa.

Carers of course! Most of the time carers don't event realise they are a carers. If you are someone who provides unpaid assistance, support and care for individuals then you are welcome to come and share a cuppa with other fellow carers.

This is a place for carers to share stories and find information on how they can access support. Each Carers Cuppa will have Peer Support Officers who can help guide and answer any questions you may have. They are fellow carers who have walked this journey as well so they understand the process and can provide guidance where necessary.

"I learnt that I am eligible for the Carer allowance. The Different Journeys Peer Support Officer is going to help me complete the application."

"I didn’t know my 16 year old son was eligible for the Disability Support Pension. We are going to meet again and the  Carer Peer support officer will help with the application."

"Finally found somewhere where people understand my journey. I don’t need to explain - they get it. For the first time I am not being judged- instead I feel supported."

Want to book in for a carer event?

We have a great mix of drop-in and ticketed carers events. Make sure to stay up to date with our movements via social media or check out events you can book below.