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Keeping Carers in the Workplace Support Social Enterprise

All profits from Different Journeys certified social enterprise Keeping Carers in the Workplace are returned to support at risk and isolated carers and neurodiverse communities in Australia.

Need to Get and Keep Great Talent at Your Workplace?

Looking for motivated, resilient, flexible, and dedicated team members? Losing great people?

Different Journeys can help.
We have undertaken significant research into realigning job roles and work systems to access the large untapped workforce of resilient, flexible, and highly motivated carers. Carers come from all walks of life and industries and can make a major difference to your workplace.

How Will We Partner With You?

We will


Who is a Carer?

Carers are people who provide unpaid care and support to family members and friends who have a disability, chronic health issues, who are frail aged or have a terminal illness. Most carers are hidden, and the vast majority are not accessing available support services.

Who Are We?

Different Journeys are leaders in helping unpaid carers manage the impacts of caring on their working lives, find out about supports available to them, and access these free resources. We support carers and employers to understand each other’s needs. We improve carer wellbeing to reduce the risk of employers losing valuable staff.

Why Do You Need Us?

There are over 2.65 million unpaid carers across Australia – that’s nearly 11% of our population and most likely at least 10% of your workforce. Research clearly evidences the impacts of caring on people’s stress levels, emotional wellbeing and performance. We work to redress this.

Partnership Options

There are many ways we can work with you. Here are two examples.

Host a carers cuppa for staff

These sessions will informally:

Host an information/educational carer support session

We will deliver a tailored online or in person 60 to 90 minute education session for carers in your workforce with a focus on caring for people with additional needs. We will tailor the session to meet your requirements. Content may include:

Future Opportunities

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss options to provide further independent support to our organisation and your carers. You will most likely already employ many people who are also in caring roles, and many more who may not recognise themselves as carers.
Carers often live with significant impacts from their caring work and may not know what free services and supports are available to them. Different Journeys brings lived experience, and peer support to help carers and employers meet these challenges together.
We support carers and employers to understand each other’s needs, and our services improve carer wellbeing to reduce the risk of employers losing valuable staff.

Options for ongoing partnership work with you include but are not limited to the provision of

Ready To Strengthen Your Workforce?

If you are ready to create a great workplace culture or want to know more please feel free to contact Chief Executive Officer Mel Spencer OAM directly at or 0412 698 807.