Carers or Guardian

Being a carer requires patience, understanding, and empathy to navigate challenges and celebrate the triumphs.

Some carers of autistic people are autistic themselves. It is important to recognise caring for autistic people can affect all members of a family group and there are services available to support all age groups.

Our lived experiences provide lessons about the impacts of caring for autistic people.

Being a carer for autistic individuals can be both rewarding and demanding. It can require adapting to specific needs and helping navigate sensory sensitivities, communication difficulties and behavioural challenges. It involves constant learning and patience while advocating for your rights and the rights of the person you care for to access resources and opportunities. Despite the challenges, being a carer of an autistic person can create profound bonds and offer a chance to witness remarkable growth and progress in an individual’s life. It is a role that requires love, dedication and unwavering support to help the person you care for thrive and lead a fulfilling life. Different Journeys is here to help support you wherever you are on your caring journey.

“Often the biggest challenges for carers is dealing with a society that fails to understand how to support our autistic community. This is often a bigger challenge for carers to navigate than caring for an autistic person.” Mel Spencer OAM, Co-Founder and CEO

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