Daniel Giles OAM

Volunteer Mentor

Daniel is proudly Autistic working tirelessly as an advocate for other Autistic individuals and others with diverse needs.
He was diagnosed at the age of 2.5 years, experienced delays in verbal communication and needed assistance with understanding neurotypical social interactions.
Daniel’s commenced his education in a special school. With support from his family and many others, Daniel transitioned from special education to mainstream schooling. He then went on to achieve a Bachelor of Graphic Design (Hons).

As an adult he lives independently, works part-time as a graphic designer and photographer, and does a range of volunteer work.

  • My connection to Autism is that I’m proudly Autistic.
  • I love taking photos at DJ events and striving to be a positive Autistic role model to the teenagers that attend the Different Journeys events
  • Red is my favourite colour – I’m a big fan of the colour red
  • I do graphic design and a range of advocacy for other people with disability
  • I also share about my Autism journey with my father through Speaking Insights