Dr Stacey Rabba

General Board Member

Stacey is a clinician-researcher who works at Monash Health as an Educational and Developmental Psychologist and Monash University as a Lecturer and Researcher. Her journey towards supporting autistic individuals and their families began more than 15 years ago when she crossed paths with two young autistic boys. This encounter ignited a deep passion and enthusiasm within her, shaping the trajectory of her professional life. Over this time, she has worked across not-for-profit, education, disability, government, and private sectors all with a mindset of optimising wellbeing through strengths-based and compassionate care. At the intersection of clinical practice and research, Stacey’s work fuels her strong drive to apply research findings to real-world settings and enhance clinical capabilities in areas such as assessment, diagnosis, and overall quality of life for autistic people. Stacey shares research and knowledge through publications, education seminars, and at national and international conferences. She currently leads a mental health and adult autism program at Monash Health. Stacey completed her PhD at La Trobe University with the Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre, exploring family wellbeing post-diagnosis. Even with her clinical and research roles, Stacey was missing the community engagement. Different Journeys aligned with many of her values and vision making it a perfect fit to engage as a Board Member supporting an organisation to connect and empower autistic people.