Raj Hillary

General Board Member

Raj Hillary, Founder and CEO of Indie Lifestyle, has dedicated his career to making a significant impact on the lives of young adults with disabilities and their families. With over two decades of humanitarian experience, Raj, alongside his wife Maureen, has been a steadfast source of support and encouragement for those in search of belonging and peace of mind. His commitment to fostering independence in young adults with disabilities has led to the creation of Indie Lifestyle, a venture aimed at providing homes filled with comfort, joy, and safety. Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavours, Raj’s passion for social welfare has seen him actively involved in various capacities, including holding senior leadership positions in humanitarian efforts across East Coast Africa and Southeast Asia. His extensive background encompasses contributions to HR, retail, manufacturing, and operations, showcasing his ability to lead and inspire across diverse environments. Raj’s involvement with Different Journeys, aligns seamlessly with his life’s work. Through his partnership with Different Journeys, Raj brings his wealth of experience, compassion, and leadership to further enhance the charity’s mission. Crucially, Raj’s experience and networking opportunities within the private sector will play a pivotal role in expanding revenue diversification and growth for Different Journeys by implementing a social enterprise strategy. This approach is poised to leverage Raj’s business acumen and philanthropic endeavours, offering young adults with disabilities and their families not just support, but a pathway to an enriched, empowered, and independent life. Raj holds Post Grads in Community Development and Business.